Welcome to Dianas Argentum Weimaraners

Weimaraner is the oldest German pointer breed of pure blood

Dianas Argentum is one of the first Weimaraner kennels in Croatia. Our goal is to breed high quality dogs both in looks as in the breed top-notch working abilities. Weimaraner is a breed long renown for its long and rich history. It is our responsibility as a breeders to respect and preserve its characteristics, which Germans worked so hard to maintain over such a long period of years.

Weimaraner is the oldest German pointer breed of pure blood. Although the Weimaraner is stunning to look at, the actual beauty of the breed lies in it’s high intelligence and willingness to excel in multiple tasks; hunting, search and rescue, agility, blood tracking…

Our dogs are firstly part of our family and it brings us great joy and happiness to work with them and enjoy their intelligence and willingness to do well in so many activities. Dogs live with us and are a part of everyday life, and its the same with puppies when we have them.

If you want a Weimaraner always be prepared to give him/her much of your time in order to fully enjoy its company and friendship.

About Dianas Argentum

First let me tell you about what the name means. Diana was the goddess of the hunt, associated with wild animals and forests. Argentum is Latin for silver. So its Diana’s silver, the name of the kennel. What better suits this breed???

The kennel started with Brita, a bitch imported from Slovakia. She really taught me all… She showed me the amazing instincts they have, the passion for hunting. With her I started to love working with pointers, hunting and just enjoying this breed.